Acoustic Americana”

Buck Brown

Buck writes and plays Acoustic Americana music with a vengeance!  What is Acoustic Americana?  Sometimes it is Jazz with a twist.  Sometimes it’s got a country blues bent.  Lots of Thumb pickin' and the Stax/Volt influence is pervasive on many of the songs.  Intelligent lyrics, interesting characters, humorous commentary, killer hooks, and an expressive, honest delivery.  You want to hear the story in these songs.  This stuff kills on every level and the songs groove. 

He is a dynamic performer and can play any length show up to 2 hours. 

He grew up in the 60’s and early on contracted a severe case of the “rockin’ pneumonia”.  And then came the Beatles.  The rest is history as they say! 

Buck has a decades-long career as a sideman with Bruce Springsteen, Nils Lofgren, Jeffrey “Skunk” Baxter, Robert Lee Castleman, Mary Ann Redmond, The Nighthawks and many more great artists, as well as a being a composer for TV, Radio, Video, Film and Theatre.  He is also the author of 18 Guitar Instruction Books/CDs published world-wide by Alfred Music. 


Press links sounded so good the other day at the military target joint.  thanks so much for sharing your's been too long and you aint nothin but the truth.

                                                                                                Maryann Redmond  

…And Buck Brown on the guitar...Jeez, what a magician!  Buck gave us a great concert Saturday evening in the Chapel… Man, those were good sounds and songs!

                                                                        -Gene Luna, Roanoke College

Regarding D.C. guitarists, all those mentioned are great. Some that seemed missing that are favorites of mine are Michael Stern, Bobby Manriquez, Lance Quinn, Tom Lofgren, Buck Brown, Paul Bell and Stuart Smith. All great and still at it!  Take care and Believe.

-Nils Lofgren

Hi Buck,

I was checking out ReverbNation for new releases and I decided to check out your page. I listened to some of your music and it's excellent; you have a rootsy, bluesy, and exuberantly hook-filled sound.

Karla Keffer
Twin Vision

Sample video